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Enjoy year-round savings with Honeywell
home comfort products.

Environmental responsibility is important. Honeywell Home Comfort products are effective, reliable comfort appliances that are also designed to be energy efficient.

EnergySmart™ heater technology helps conserve energy versus conventional portable heaters, permanent air purifier filters help reduce landfill waste, air circulators can make central air systems more efficient ...these are just a few ways we offer money saving solutions for your home.


Control your indoor environment while maintaining control of your budget. Learn more about which air purifier is right for you and check out Honeywell eco-smart and energy saving products.


Save hundreds of dollars annually by lowering your thermostat just one degree. See how much you can save with our interactive Savings Calculator.


Save 20% on energy bills just by using an air circulator with an air conditioner. Learn more about powerful, cooling comfort and calculate your savings now.

Thermostat image used with permission by Honeywell International Inc.